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Trans Fats May Increase Risk For Depression

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Trans Fats Increases Depression RiskThe risk for depression has connection with the intake of trans fats. There had been speculations regarding the health hazards of trans fat and risk for depression. And now, the relation between trans fat and risk for depression has also been established. So, have a look at what you eat! And indulge in healthy eating habits to save yourself from depression as well as cardiovascular diseases.

A study that has been published in Plos One has mentioned that an increased intake of trans fat can increase the risk for depression. Among the much debated health hazards of trans fat, the increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease. That is, whatever is not good for your heart is also not good for your brain.

The research was conducted with more than 12,000 males and females participating. The research was conducted for an average of 6.1 years. All these participants were not victims of depression during the onset of this research. They were asked to complete a food frequency questionnaire, wherein they answered questions related to their fat intake. At the end of 6 years, they found out that out of the 12,000 participants, 657 people were prone to risk for depression.

The researchers concluded that people who consumed trans fat in higher quantities, especially those found in whole milk, pastries and fast food, were more prone to risk for depression. And the results were quite amazing. People who consumed 1.5 grams of trans fat daily were prone to risk of depression 48% more than others. 

The study also found out that the risk for depression decreases with the higher consumption of olive oil. According to the research, inclusion of polyphenol-rich olive oil will lower the HDL cholesterol levels and help in increasing the LDL cholesterol, thereby decreasing the risk for depression and cardiovascular diseases.

So, the researchers who conducted the study on the health hazards of trans fat suggest that the risk for depression can be lowered by opting for Mediterranean diet that is rich in vegetables, fruits and olive oil.


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Trans Fats May Increase Risk For Depression