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Natural Hayfever Remedies

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We had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the season. And the sniffles that followed, were close to a hundred and one!

Natural Hay fever remedies? why?Seasonal sneezing! Nasal congestion, rashes and fever. The transition from summer to spring isn't always pleasant for some. With natural allergy remedies which become the urgent need of the hour, lets look at the sniffling corks that can ease your allergic reactions.


The telltale symptoms of hay fever are repetitive sneezing, which can lead to pain in the chest, the diaphragm and the abdominal muscles tenderness. Usually the hay fever allergies are caused due to pollen, dust, molds and even feathers. Also known as Allergic Rhinitis, runny nose, itchy nose and sneezing are the prime symptoms.


The best natural remedies for hay fever are the ones that keep you away from the triggers of the allergies. So the first thing to keep in mind is to keep your surroundings dust free, and clean. During the seasons that trigger off the allergic reactions, stay indoors and avoid field trips.

  • The diet that you follow also plays a very important role. Keep your immunity guards up and have a Vitamin C enriched diet.
  • A high Protein diet will help to keep the body healthy and strong. Avoid flour, Sugar and heavy dairy products during the sensitive seasons.
  • Since, it is the nasal congestion which causes lot of frustration, you must try and avoid anything that can tickle that nose the wrong way. For eg. Smoking, strong perfumes, black peppers etc.
  • Garlic wards off not just the vampires, but also the hayfever blues! One of the natural remedies for hay fever include Garlic oils and pastes. They help to boost your immunity hence, you can take on those bad guy pollen easy!
  • The idea to use the best Natural allergy Remedies is to ensure a soothing feeling in your nasal passage. This can be done by boiling water and adding a few drops of Chamomile to it. Inhale this steam. It helps to remove all triggers.
  • Sometimes, the allergic reactions can be caused due to dryness in throat and nose. Another one of the natural remedies for hay fever is the honey-jelly mixture. Take in as much honey as you can throughout the day and if your nose is itchy and dry, you must apply petroleum jelly inside your nose. It helps.
  • Talking of honey, another potion that helps out as one of the best natural allergy remedies is to boil minced grapefruit with a slice of lemon and add some honey to this. Take it thrice a day and see your sneezy worries go away!
  • A few herbs like Eucalyptus, Ginger, and Indian Gooseberries all help in fighting against the hay fever naturally.
  • Fruits such as Apples, Berries, Red grapes, Red onions, Capers etc. all are the best natural remedies for hay fever.

Though it might be a come and go for some, hay fever can lead to serious consequences, if unchecked. The best remedy is to prevent hay fever. Stay inside. Keep yourself and your surroundings clean and dust-free.


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Natural Hayfever Remedies