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Chicory Health Benefits

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Chicory is a blue flowered herb native to North America and Europe. Though the roots of the plant are used as substitute for coffee, chicory health benefits are many.

Chicory is high in Vitamin A, calcium and potassium and it also contains iron, niacin, phosphorus, and many other important vitamins and minerals.

Some of the chicory health benefits are:

  • One of the important health benefits of chicory is that it is beneficial for diabetics. It contains a substance called inulin which helps in regulating blood sugar levels in the body. Also its natural sweet taste makes it a good substitute for sugar.
  • Another chicory health benefit is its toxicity to worms and parasites. It is effective I ridding the body of intestinal worms and parasites and help in aiding digestion. It also helps cleanse the colon.
  • Ridding the body of toxins, by cleansing the blood and liver are also health benefits of chicory.
  • It is also said to be a cure for jaundice. Juice of chicory leaves is said to help in curing the disease.
  • Chicory health benefits also include curing acid reflux. As acid reflux is caused by coffee, using chicory in place of coffee helps in controlling acid reflux.
  • Another one of chicory health benefits is that it is good for people having nervous system disorders. The chemicals lactucoprin and lactucin present in chicory act as sedative and help in treating people with nervous system disorders.
  • One very helpful chicory health benefit is that helps the body in resisting gall bladder stones.
  •  And for all those who are dependent on pills to rid headaches, one very beneficial health benefits of chicory is that it is useful for treating a headache.
  • Chicory can also be used to treat inflammation by applying crushed chicory leaves to the affected area.

Have chicory in tea, or brew it as coffee or use its leaves as salad dressing, but do include chicory in your lifestyle to make fully exploit chicory health benefits.

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Chicory Health Benefits