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Health Benefits Of Going Teetotaler

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teaDrink three cups of tea to reap the health benefits of going teetotaler were the results of the research conducted by the research group of Simon Gibbons, Professor of Phytochemistry, University of London School of Pharmacy. This will include a sip in the morning, midday and one in the evening, each cup prepared to leave the tea bag of leaves for five minutes to get more from each extract.

There are four kinds of tea, black (Earl Grey and English Breakfast), green, white and Oolong, and all of them contain heaps of antioxidant chemicals that can be extracted using hot water infusion, for making your day in three small cups of the extract with sugar and will make you a teetotaler.

Some of the health benefits of being a teetotaler are as follows:

  1. Flavonoid extracted from black tea, reduces the risk of stroke by reducing the production and circulation of LDL or the bad cholesterol.
  2. Polyphenols reduces the risk of cancer as these makes the cancer cells static, and aids in curbing lung cancer. They also enhance the immune system and make your skin beautiful.
  3. Green tea regularizes the bowel movements and aids in digestion by improving the intestinal muscle movements and aids in weight loss, of which peppermint flavored tea is much more beneficial.
  4. Ginger tea relieves nausea and is good for morning sickness, constipation and flatulence. They also have anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect.
  5. L-theanine in black tea improves concentration and aids in working on your cognitive skills. Have a cup of tea before your sit for examinations!
  6. Those who drink five to six cups of black tea have been observed to have an enhanced immune system. The credit goes to the alkylamines.
  7. Caffeine in tea results in insomnia and anxiety, so the use of herbal mixtures contraindicates their ill effects, for example, chamomile promotes sleepiness and chrysin relieves anxiety and promote drowsiness, while tryptophan causes tranquilizing effects. Lavender tea soothes both mind and body with a sedative effect.
  8. White and green tea prevents discoloration of your teeth, though the polyphenols in black tea is good against plaque formation and gum diseases and cavities.

Thus, with every sip towards becoming a teetotaler, a common drink come loads of health benefits outweighing the ill effects of one single component, caffeine. Henceforth, nutrition specialists encourage drinking tea.

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Health Benefits Of Going Teetotaler