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Brewers Yeast Health Benefits

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Brewers yeast health benefits are many as it has various nutrients and minerals good for the body.  Brewers yeast health benefits come from the various ingredients used for making beer. The usual ingredients are hops, grain and malt. Brewers yeast is a byproduct of the beer industry. Despite being bitter in taste, the health benefits of brewers yeast are innumerable.

Many producers of the yeast remove the bitter taste. But the brewers yeast health benefits lie in chromium, which is removed when processed for elimination of the bitter taste.

An important fact is the nutritional benefits of brewers yeast vary from batch to batch and the age of the yeast.

Health benefits of brewers yeast is due to the presence of nucleic acid, folic acid, Vitamin B12, potassium, thiamin, niacin, chromium. Another main brewers yeast health benefits is that the yeast is very low in calories. It also has low sodium and fat content. This is very good for weight management. It also helps people who have to cut down on their food due an ailment, such as heart disease.

Brewers yeast health benefits include controlling constipation, diabetes, cholesterol levels, skin disorders, anemia and fatigue. It also calms the nervous system.

For pet lovers, brewers’ yeast help’s in repelling the flea s on their pets.

Brewer’s yeast ferments carbohydrates and this forms a froth of carbon dioxide that ferments the various ingredients used to make beer. Brewers yeast is also used to make some varieties of bread.

Brewers yeast is a natural probiotic that helps a person improve microbial balance in the body.

Presence of chromium helps in protecting cells from damage. It has a compound called glucose tolerance factor or GTF. This helps in controlling blood sugar levels. Selenium in brewer’s yeast aids in proper thyroid function and prevent hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism and goiter.

With so many facts, brewers yeast health benefits is a must have in our diet. Use it to make breads or simply sprinkle the powder on salads and pop corns.

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Brewers Yeast Health Benefits