Extra Virgin Olive Oil Health Benefits

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If you start to list down extra virgin olive oil health benefits then you will see that it is beneficial for almost every organ of our body. It is true that health benefits of extra virgin olive oil are many and regular use of it in food can really improve the health. Olive oil as we know comes mainly from the Mediterranean region of Europe. People in the Mediterranean use olive oil in almost everything. However, they use different kinds of olive oil like virgin olive oil, extra virgin olive oil, garlic infused olive oil and so on. Let us have a look at the health benefits of extra virgin olive oil.



  • Cardio vascular benefits– One of the major health benefits of olive oil is that it is very good for the heart and the blood vessels related to it.
  • Rich nutrients in extra virgin olive oil like polyphenols have anti coagulant, anti inflammatory properties and are rich in anti oxidants. These help to reduce the risk of colon cancer and also good for osteoporosis.
  • Extra virgin olive oil also contains cholesterol damaging free radicals and these are good to control cholesterol in the body.
  • Regular consumption of extra virgin olive oil is good for the kidney. It gives a healthy kidney, and thus prevents a lot of kidney-related diseases.
  • Health benefits of olive oil include reducing the risk of breast cancer. The main monosaturated fatty acid present in olive oil is responsible for this.
  • Consumption of extra virgin olive oil is good for those having diabetes. The rich nutrients of this oil help in controlling the blood sugar level.
  • Extra virgin olive oil is good for digestion also. Regular consumption of this oil gives relief from any digestive problems. It helps one to digest their food better and faster.
  • Extra virgin olive oil also has its effect on the metabolism of our body. If taken regularly, this helps to bring the metabolism of our body to its normal pace.

Health benefits of extra virgin olive oil can be dervied when applied externally. It is good for  skin, hair and nails. It gives strong nourished hair, a glowing skin and healthy nails.

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