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Health Benefits Of Prunes

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Prunes, the dried version of plums, are marvelous fruit known for their scrumptious taste and fascinating color. They are considered as an elixir of life back in Europe.  Some of the remarkable health benefits of prunes are about to follow to just leave you completely mesmerized.

1. Prunes are great source of almost all the known vitamins till date. This could range from beta-carotene to vitamin E.

2. Prunes are recognized as very good source of macro nutrients and micro nutrients.

3. Prunes almost contain very large variety of minerals.

4. Prunes act as powerful source of antioxidants. It consists of phenol nutrients which are known to be antioxidant in their property. This property of prunes makes it anti cancerous and anti aging naturally.

5. It keeps a good check on high blood pressure, as it has abundant presence of potassium in its core.

6. It is highly recommended for people battling with constipation. Health benefits of prunes can ease the sluggishness of bowel movement due to its high fiber content.

7. Prunes are now being researched as one of the osteoporosis prevention factor. So, women can use it to preserve their overall bone health.

8. Prunes are very excellent source of iron, and thus can act as balm for all those people with anaemic pangs.

9. Prunes are rich sources of diabetes preventing factor.

Thus prunes endowed with incredible health promoting factors has much to offer. Prunes needs to be restores with our snacks in order to supplement us with all its bountiful properties. Let’s make an effort to accept it.


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Health Benefits Of Prunes