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Sushi Health Benefits

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We all know that fish is a great source of protein, which is why the famous Japanese Sushi has many takers. The health benefits of sushi are aplenty because of the presence of fish.


In fact fish is called the brain food and though there are fishes which have nothing but fat, the Omega 3 fat, present in certain types of fish is said to be the best. These are the good fats, which will protect the nervous system while providing Vitamin D and protein to the person.


Health Benefits of Sushi

One of the most recognized sushi health benefit is that, sushi can lower the cholesterol level of a person. According to the FDA (The Food and Drug Administration), a person should have at least two servings of fish everyday. Sushi health benefits point out that the Omega 3 fat present in fish will prevent mental illness and will keep blood sugar levels low. Another sushi health benefit is that it will help fight depression and increase the immune system.


Moreover, sushi health benefit extends to the cardiovascular areas. It is said to be great for the heart and is therefore recommended to patients. It is a sort of food that promotes overall well being of a person. It also tastes wonderful, and so there is actually no harm in trying it out or including it in your daily diet plan. With so many sushi health benefits, it is no small wonder that sushi bars are cropping up all over the place.


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Sushi Health Benefits