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Stress Can Make You Fat

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If you are wondering why you are piling on the pounds in spite of a regular exercise routine and eating healthy, may be it is the stress. Stress can make you fat, claim scientific studies. A new gene has been discovered that makes you crave for sweets and calories when under stress. Thus all you need to do to lose weight is to Just Relax!


I am sure most of us know about comfort eating and the entire routine of depression, stress, strain etc leading you to the next bar of chocolate or Nth packet of crisps. So you see, this has finally been given a nod by the scientist fraternity too. Stress can make you fat since your gene craves for you to indulge in high calorie, fatty food. This comfort eating gene is seen to be linked to type 2 diabetes and obesity related diseases.


Scientific Study Proving that Stress Can Make You Fat


In various studies conducted, Dr Alon Chen was able to isolate a gene that produced the protein Ucn3 under stress. This protein had profound effects on the body. This protein was responsible for increase in appetite, difference in insulin usage and hence metabolism of sugar in the body. The study to isolate the gene was conducted in mice and it was found that mice who were subjected to produce more Ucn3 began to suffer from diabetes and these mice also showed an increased affinity to sugary and fatty food. Thus the body was being provided with excess calories under stress in order to cope. But if this happens regularly, the stress can make you fat and sick.


The excess intake of fatty food under stress makes you gain weight that no amount of exercise can help get rid of. The gene responsible has since then been named as the comfort gene. Drugs that have an action of regulating the comfort gene or the Ucn3 protein would regulate weight and diabetes.


So stress makes you gain weight and the only way out is to live life at a relaxed and even pace.







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Stress Can Make You Fat