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Mouthwash May Reduce The Health Benefits Of Spinach

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Swoon over those bulging muscles of Popeye, courtesy – spinach! He certainly wouldn't be having them if he regularly used mouthwash since mouthwash may reduce the health benefits of spinach, claim recent scientific findings. Popeye, the popular cartoon character, gets his muscles by downing cans of spinach and until recently, the iron content in it was considered to be responsible for the health benefits of spinach. Recent scientific findings though point elsewhere.


Health Benefits of Spinach Explained


Scientists claim that it is not iron but nitrates present in spinach and other green leafy vegetables that provide an energy boost. A single helping of spinach can program increase in efficiency of mitochondria, the power house of the cell. Mitochondria are largely responsible for the growth and activity levels of the cell. Thus nitrates have been identified as the new power -boosters responsible for the health benefits of spinach and other such green leafy vegetables.


This finding is a breakthrough in terms of finding nutrient value for inorganic chemicals which were until now believed to have no nutritional value. Another eye opening through this finding has been that most of the health benefits associated with vegetables and fruits connected to cardiovascular disease, diabetes etc can now be attributed to nitrates present in them. The research results have been published in the journal, Cell Metabolism.


Use of Mouthwash Can Undo Spinach Health Benefits


Mouthwash kills bacteria present in the oral cavity. Use of mouthwash kills bacteria required for production of nitric oxide from the nitrates. Dietary nitrates generate nitric oxide with the help of bacteria present in the mouth. Nitric oxides from nitrates lowers blood pressure, increases circulation and opens the blood vessels. Thus with the destruction of bacteria in the mouth by the mouthwash, health benefits of spinach is drastically reduced.


Thus if you want to continue to enjoy health benefits of spinach, say good bye to your mouthwash or better still, use a natural home made rinse of lemon, salt and warm water!




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Mouthwash May Reduce The Health Benefits Of Spinach