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Arugula Health Benefits

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Arugula health benefits are not particularly well known even as people try to include them on their dinner plate on account of it being a gourmet salad green. However, you will be astounded to know that there are many health benefits of arugula which stem from the fact that it belongs to the family of Brassica, more famous for cabbages, kales and broccolis. It would really be a shame if you decide to forgo the arugula health benefits now. Discover the health benefits of arugula by learning more about them instead. Here are some of the most important arugula health benefits listed just for you…


  • Vitamins & Minerals - Choc-a-bloc with vitamins and full of healthy minerals is the right way to describe arugula. It contains a good amount of Vitamins A and C with an enhanced amount of Vitamin K which helps in preventing blood clotting problems and takes care of our bones. Calcium, magnesium and potassium help to control our blood pressure while the iron within arugula builds up our blood by promoting the formation of blood cells.

  • Carotenoids - Arugula health benefits also ensure keeping our visual faculties intact. The beta carotenes together with the lutein prevent macular degeneration and cataract formation thus helping in keeping our eyes healthy.

  • Anti Carcinogenic - The phytochemicals known as indoles fight against cancer while the anti inflammatory properties of arugula help in keeping infections under control.


An ounze of the green leaf contains a negligible amount of 7 calories making it one of the most coveted arugula health benefits for weight watchers.


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Arugula Health Benefits