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Health Benefits Of Antioxidants

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Studies have proved that how long one lives is directionally proportional to the amount of antioxidants in ones body. Antioxidant, are protectors of body cells and the health benefits of antioxidant are immense. Antioxidant health benefits stretch to the limit that they promote good health, repel diseases and nurture the human body cell. One can develop the antioxidant in the body by eating well and by taking supplements. These will protect the cells from free radicals, harmful oxygen molecules, Alzheimer's disease and arthritis.


Though free radicals in the body are naturally formed, they increase in number depending on factors like smoking, alcohol, air pollution, stress and toxins like radiation and asbestos. The oxygen that we breath are also reasons for the production of free radicals. One of the health benefits of antioxidants present in the body to clean up these free radicals there by neutralizing their electric charge and stopping these free radicals from taking electrons from other molecules.


Health benefits of antioxidants does not stop there. It slows down the aging process and helps preserve the natural glow of the skin. Extended health benefits of antioxidants stretch to protecting the skin from sun damage. It was researchers in Germany who came up with he study that the body got 2,000mg of vitamin C and ,000 IU’s of vitamin E for eight days then it would increase the sunburn resistance by 20%. The discovery of this health benefits of antioxidants were highly appreciated by the cosmetics industry. The research also listed out three potent antioxidants a mixture of beta-carotene, lycopene and lutein, also have the health benefits of antioxidants and will be able to reduce sunburn.


The presence of these free radicals are not just restricted to the weak people. Even the most healthiest person will have them, but it is only when this increases in number that it leads to a harmful condition known as oxidative stress occurs, leading to illnesses.


It does not stop just there. There are many supplements that one can have with antioxidants, which will help balance the load of antioxidants promoting the antioxidant health benefits. All said and done, the best way to get the antioxidant health benefits is to eat right. A diet that is rich in antioxidant will keep you healthy.  


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Health Benefits Of Antioxidants