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Health Benefits Of Vitamin B12

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Vitamin B12 is abundantly found in meats and dairy products Health benefits of Vitamin B12 are several. It is an essential vitamin, water soluble in nature and found mostly in foods like fish, shellfish, meats and dairy. It is typically used in a Vitamin B complex formulation in combination with other vitamins.


The human body stores a good amount of vitamin B12 for many years so it is unlikely that someone would have a deficiency problem. Elderly people are most susceptible to deficiency and it usually occurs when the body is unable to absorb B12 from the intestinal tract. This is a disease called pernicious anemia. Vegans also suffer from inadequate Vitamin B12 as they do not even consume dairy. They should take extra precaution and consult a physician to figure out how to supplement their diet.


Vitamin B12 lends a helping hand in treating different forms of various sickle cell disorders and cholesterol. They help energizing the human body and get rid of fatigue and weakness thus improving overall stamina and strength. Cell maintenance is carried out by Vitamin B12 which lends a helping hand in maintaining diverse types of cells existing in the body; for example, the formation, repair and maintenance of red blood cells are largely reliant upon Vitamin B12. This important vitamin also helps in DNA formation.


With all these great benefits of Vitamin B12 it is important that it should be included in one’s daily diet.


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Health Benefits Of Vitamin B12