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Fake Corned Beef On Sale In Ghana

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Corned BeefThe latest news ‘Fake Corned Beef on Sale in Ghana’ is really shocking. The adulteration of food product has become so rampant that it is really difficult to find genuine product in the market. Fake corned beef in Ghana is one of such incidence which has shaken the trust of the customers in the food market. To combat the present situation, the Food and Drugs Board (FDB) has issued a statement to alert the public and make them aware of the distribution and sale of fake corned beef.


As per the statement issued by FDB, two different Corned Beef Products have been found to be relabelled as Exeter Corned Beef. The statement revealed that CB Corned Beef and Matador Corned Beef were sold to consumers by wrapping Exeter Corned Beef labels over the pre existing ones. In this way consumers were misled and sold fake corned beef instead of the authentic product.


It is very important for the general public to know that there is a lithograph labelling on the Exeter Corned Beef which are permitted for sale in Ghana. So the Food and Drugs Boards have cautioned the public to look for that lithograph labelling and thus reduce the chances of buying fake corned beef in Ghana. In lithograph labelling, the label is printed directly on the can instead of paper, so it’s very easy to look for this feature and buy genuine product.


Not only the case of relabelled cans have been unearthed in the investigations of FDB, but some of the fake corned beef were found to have expired products. It was found that along with the labels, the expiry date was also altered in many fake corned beef. The fake corned beef in Ghana was found to have original expiry date of January 2008 but the expiry date was replaced with the new date of December 2012.


Though the news of fake corned beef is disturbing, but the Food and Drugs Board have assured the general public that they will get hold of the present situation. FDA along with the assistance of Ghana Police Service is trying to remove the fake corned beef from the market as soon as possible.


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Fake Corned Beef On Sale In Ghana