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What Are The Nutritional Advantages Of Potatoes Over Other Vegetables

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Almost all of us eat potatoes every alternate day, if not daily. We can do so without any pangs of guilt once we know what are the nutritional advantages of potatoes over other vegetables. There are several nutritional advantages of potatoes that most of us are unaware of.


Some Nutritional Advantages of Potatoes


  • Potatoes are natural sources of carbohydrates. Potatoes are ideal if you are preparing for any event requiring physical stamina. Those who are diabetic or pre-diabetic should consume potatoes in moderation only since potatoes can increase sugar levels in the blood. Potatoes compared to other vegetables are surprisingly low in fat. These nutritional advantages of potatoes would be negated if oil or fat is added during the process of cooking. Potatoes are healthy when eaten baked or boiled.

  • Potatoes compared to other vegetables are similar in their fiber content. The skin of potatoes are good sources of dietary fiber and can be consumed. The skin also is a reservoir of many other nutrients.

  • Potatoes compared to other vegetables are good sources of potassium that is necessary for normal functioning of nerves, heart and muscles. I cup of potatoes can provide 500mg of potassium.

  • One of the main nutritional advantages of potatoes is that it contains iron. I cup of potatoes have 0.5mg of iron. Potatoes are plant based source of iron that come without the unwanted dietary fats and cholesterol. Iron is a vital nutrient required by body for oxygen carrying property of blood for proper functioning.

  • Potatoes contain antioxidants that protect body from free radicals, UV radiations, toxins and chemicals. The antioxidants form a major part of the nutritional advantages of potatoes and include chlorogenic acid, kukoamines and flavonoids.

  • Vitamin C is present in potatoes with 1 cup serving providing almost 12mg of vitamin C. Vitamin C is required for boosting immunity, protecting tissues from damage by chemicals, maintaining muscles and bones etc. Thus regular consumption of potatoes can increase your immunity levels.


The nutritional advantages of potatoes make it one of the most delicious and healthy of all vegetables!



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What Are The Nutritional Advantages Of Potatoes Over Other Vegetables