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Natural Remedy For Ear Infection

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“Can’t lend you an ear, my sister squirmed.” “Don’t you know of any natural remedy for ear infections?”

 I always knew that she hated those eardrops, but it was so painful to see her this way; so I started to ask around if there were any real ear infection natural remedies. You will be surprised at what I found! There are a score of natural remedy for ear infection right there in your kitchen cabinet. No messy pastes, or abracadabra needed, just a pinch of this and a dash of that!

Before discussing the natural remedies for ear infection, let us understand what causes these infections,

  1. Cold- Severe cold and sinus blockage can cause immense wax build up and cause pain and irritation in the ear.
  2. Bacterial Infections- Like seasonal allergies etc. can cause ear infections too.
  3. Excess of ear wax- Many a time, due to our loud habits, we voluntarily invite trouble to wax and wane in our ears, and then we hunt for the best natural remedy for ear infections!

Otitis is the term that denotes ear infection. The best way to find the ear infection natural remedy is to first understand the parts of the ear, and where all the ear infections can occur. The basic breakup of the ear is, the outer ear, the middle ear and the inner ear. Many times due to our own carelessness or callousness, bacterial infections begin in the inner or middle ear.

The best natural remedy for ear infection cannot be a single one, as each remedy works best for each individual’s body type. However, a few of the best ear infection natural remedy are:

  1. Garlic oil- A few drops of mildly heated Garlic oil in each ear, followed by the gentle rush of warm air with a blow dryer at a distance of 12 to 15” really help to alleviate the ear aches.
  2. Mango leaf- If it is  case of prolonged ear infection and the pain is getting to be unbearable, then take the soft tender mango leaves, boil them in water, and put 3-4 drops of this into the infected ear. People have felt an immediate change after using this ear infection natural remedy.
  3. Steaming- Lots of instances of ear infections take place due to severe cold and sinus. The best natural remedy for ear infections in this case, is to get rid of that sniffling cold! So, mix together a warm concoction of Ginger oil, Peppermint oil, and Eucalyptus oil with steaming water. Cover your head with a towel, and inhale. The best natural remedy to get rid of ear infection.
  4. Hydrogen Peroxide- This is a chemical which is very household friendly. Apart from being used as a healthy bleaching agent, H2O2 can be used as an effective ear infection natural remedy. Just tilt your head and put a few drops of Hydrogen Peroxide into the ear. Let the fizzing sound stop. Then repeat the same with the other ear.  The fizzing sound is the boiling of hydrogen peroxide which helps to melt away the infection.
  5. Warm Oils- The general cause of an ear infection is that the wax present in the ear catches some fungal, viral or bacterial undesired growth due to which blockage, or tenderness may occur. Various oils like warm olive oil, warm mustard oil and diluted tea tree oil work as a miracle ear infection natural remedy. This natural remedy for ear infection causes the wax to soften and hence makes it easier to remove the infected wax.

Other point that you may want to keep in mind while considering the natural remedy for ear infection are:

  1. Avoid processed or hydrogenated foods.
  2. Breast milk in each ear helps to ease the infection, and not just for the nursing child.
  3. Avoid smoking- Active and Passive.
  4. Have a Calcium-Zinc and Vitamin C enriched diet.
  5. Keep a warm towel or warm water bottle handy and next to the ear, it will help to ease the pain.

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Natural Remedy For Ear Infection