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Health Benefits Of Lettuce

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The various health benefits of lettuce have been known to mankind since the ancient ages. However, the numerous therapeutic uses as well as the cosmetic advantages that constitute the lettuce health benefits together have begun to become obvious now. People keen on reducing their calorific intake have also extolled the health benefits of lettuce which have been very effective in keeping the body weight under control. The actual composition of the nutrients present in this green and leafy salad plant vary considerably with the Romaine lettuce being an excellent source for vitamins and minerals while the iceberg variety is infused with choline. It is important to learn about the various health benefits of lettuce in order to improve our general well being.


  • Lettuce health benefits are obtained from the enormous amounts of chlorophyll and Vitamin K contained within it.

  • An extremely good source of iron; lettuce can successfully replenish the amount of iron depleted through blood loss making it one of the most important health benefits of lettuce.

  • Lettuce is also a good source of magnesium which helps in energizing the muscular and brain tissues.

  • One of the most unique health benefits of lettuce is its sleep inducing property which helps in combating insomnia.

  • Lemon juice consumed in combination with spinach and carrot juices help in retaining the normal hair color as well.


The health benefits of lettuce are best utilized by consuming the entire salad vegetable including the outer leaves which contain 50 times more nutrients than the edible stems.


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Health Benefits Of Lettuce