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Health Benefits Of Silica

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The health benefits of Silica have already been established back in 1972 when Professor Adolf Butenant first noted the prominent role played by the compound in maintaining our bodily functions by controlling our metabolic reactions. The Silica health benefits cannot be undermined and we need to consume it daily by including the sources in our daily diet. The health benefits of Silica help us to evade illnesses by exerting a positive influence on almost all organs of our body. Let us take a look at the various health benefits of Silica now.


  • Bones - The Silica health benefits include strengthening our skeletal system which remains strong enough to support our bodily tissues and organs courtesy the Silica.

  • Balancing Elements - The levels of calcium and magnesium are balanced with the aid of the compound thus regulating the hormonal system of our body. This function is one of the most important health benefits of Silica known so far.

  • Phosphorus - Another of the prominent health benefits of Silica includes the assimilation of phosphorus which plays an important part in the maintenance and repair of our bones and tissues.

  • Skin - One of the chief ingredients of collagen, Silica can help you retain the moisture and youthful look of your skin. The health benefits of Silica are also apparent in the long lustrous hair and strong nails which go a long way in enhancing our beauty as well.


While the compound is a trace element with our body requiring only a minuscule amount to stay healthy, it gets used up regularly and needs to be replenished in the form of dietary supplements.


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Health Benefits Of Silica