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Health Benefits Of Royal Jelly

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Royal jelly is the secretion of worker bees that is produced in order to feed the queen and the larvae in the bee hive. It is believed that there are many health benefits of royal jelly. It is taken as a dietary supplement in order to enjoy the various health benefits of royal jelly.


Humans can take advantage of various health benefits of royal jelly by consuming it as tablets, capsules, powder etc. Some of the health benefits are:


  1. Royal jelly can stimulate growth of neural glial and stem cells in the brain. Thus this could be used to prevent diseases such as Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's disease.

  2. Patients with Grave's disease have been reported to benefit from intake of royal jelly.

  3. Overall youtfullness and drastic improvement of collagen production is another one of  health benefits of royal jelly.

  4. People with slightly raised serum cholesterol levels can get their total serum cholesterol reduced with royal jelly.

  5. Topical application of royal jelly has been found to have anti-inflammatory as well as wound healing properties.

  6. Royal jelly has strong anti-cancer properties according to studies conducted in Japan.


Anyway, a word of caution for those allergice to pollen, honey and bee stings: royal jelly can cause severe allergic reactions in them. It is always better to perform an allergy test in concordance with your physician prior to beginning consumption to enjoy health benefits of royal jelly.


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Health Benefits Of Royal Jelly