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Apple Juice Health Benefits

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Babies can make the most out of the apple juice health benefits because of ts sweet taste. Antioxidants and vitamins build body immunity. The juice is easily digestible, so pediatricians recommend apple juice for babies.

Apple juice is made from pressing apples and filtering the juice. Before choosing an apple juice one need to know about the two different  concentrates: cloudy and clear.

Clear apple juice has no starch or pectin and therefore has a longer shelf life. However, cloudy apple juice contains pulp, and this according to research is beneficial as more antioxidants are present. Pulpy juice contains more polypehnols than the clear variety.

However, both these varieties contain favorable phytonutrients and flavonoids that are good for the body. Apple juice health benefits include relief from asthma, as it helps in better functioning of the lungs.

Health benefits of apple juice also comprise of lowering incidence of lung cancer levels. This has been established in a research among patients who consumed apple juice. Limiting bad cholesterol in the body is one more apple juice health benefits. Research says apple juice can protect the body from fats in a hamburger. So, drink apple juice while eating a burger.

What’s more apple juice can be clubbed with other fruit juices, served as a punch and frozen into fruit pops.  Drink the juice daily to make the most of all the apple juice health benefits.

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Apple Juice Health Benefits