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Health Benefits Of Turmeric

If you thought turmeric was just a spice to add color and flavor to your food then think again, because this wonder spice accomplishes more. Learn about the health benefits of turmeric to know what goes beyond the looks of this powdery yellow spice.

Turmeric (curcuma longa) is basically used in curries and traditional dishes. The active ingredients of turmeric known as the circuminoids have been researched to exhibit anti-bacterial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

We all know that most of the diseases manifest into symptoms causing inflammation, infection or degeneration as in the case of tumors or cancers. Turmeric health benefits cover a wide spectrum of natural remedies.

So let us learn the active health benefits of the wonder spice.

•    Studies have revealed that turmeric has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. By analgesic, we mean pain-relieving capabilities. A group of patients afflicted with rheumatoid arthritis, when given turmeric supplements found that the inflammation associated with the condition had come down considerably.

•    If you are an easy target for the common flu then try giving yourself a shot of turmeric as this yellow spice can keep all kinds of viral flu at bay , being a natural inhibitor of protease ,which enables the virus to replicate itself.

•    Another health benefit of turmeric, which is being tapped is its hidden potency to find a cure for cancer. Being the focal point of cancer-research, preliminary studies reveal that turmeric can slow the growth of cancer cells.

•    Gastric mucus, which is important for digestion and forms a protective coating along the digestive tract can be stimulated by turmeric, which makes the spice a digestive-aid as well, and a preventive measure against ulcers.

•    A vital turmeric health benefit is that its good for healing wounds and cuts. Being antiseptic, and anti-bacterial, turmeric paste prevents infection in any exposed wounds.

•    For those who go in a wheeze with asthma, the following health benefit of turmeric comes as a breath of fresh air. Being a strong anti-allergen, turmeric has been shown to subdue the symptoms of asthma as it’s a good bronchodilator.

•    Moving over to the heart of body functioning, studies have revealed that turmeric can reduce bad cholesterol levels and also that of triglycerides. Patients suffering from angina showed improvement after including turmeric in their diet.

•    Blood sugar levels can be stabilized with turmeric extracts, which has a strong hypoglycemic effect. Diabetics find another amazing health benefit of turmeric as the spice interplays with other herbs to give a right diet-supplement for high blood sugar.

•    For all those eager to shed those few extra pounds, would be happy to know that turmeric catalyses the metabolism of fat and has proven itself in the fight against obesity and overweight.

The above mentioned health benefits of turmeric are only a few to mention considering this spice is rooted in deep medicinal value, it has been the anvil of research for a long time, unraveling nature’s wonders, which strike to kill(parasites) and regenerate.

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Health Benefits Of Turmeric