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Health Benefits Of Edamame

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In recent time health benefits of edamame are gaining popularity among people. The sweet and nutty tasting soybean is a best low calorie snack well known in Japan. Edamame popularity is spreading recently in America. It is harvested when it is young and green, you can boil it with salt water and use the boiled edamame in different recipes. Edamame health benefits are many and researchers are still discovering more benefits of this vegetable.

Edamame nutritional value: This vegetable contains various minerals, vitamins and it is a good source of proteins, carbohydrates, omega fatty acids and dietary fiber. It also has other nutrients that are essential for our body. More of edamame heal benefits are discussed here in this page.

Protein and Fiber : One cup full of shelled edamame contains only 100 calories; it is very low in fat and high in protein and fiber.  Veggies and dieters can take this soybean; as it is a healthy snack. The fiber in it helps to control cholesterol levels and is very filling. Isoflavons found in edamame helps to reduce the heart disease risk. Vitamin K and Folate are the other nutrients found in edamame that supports heart function.  Red blood cells production is stimulated by folate and folic acid is essential for pregnant women as it strengthens the spine of the baby in the womb.

Rich source of calcium :  Edamame is an excellent source of calcium. Half cup of edamame can give you 8% of the recommended calcium amount in a day. It strengthens your bones and prevents osteoporosis. Good calcium intake can also give you healthy teeth. Instead relying on calcium supplements, take edamame regularly to provide the required calcium to your body.

Anti inflammatory properties: It offers natural treatment to arthritis and also cures other inflammatory diseases. People who are diagnosed rheumatoid arthritis; that is a form of arthritis causing severe pain can be cured by edamame. It also cures Asthma, eating it regularly reduces coughing and wheezing; as it acts on the breathing passages and reduces inflammation.

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Health Benefits Of Edamame