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Broccoli Sprouts Health Benefits

Broccoli florets are a favorite edible and sprouts become even more so considering that they are power-packed with nutrition. Broccoli sprouts health benefits are worth the understanding considering that the onus is on healthy foods, which can be derived in the least cumbersome way.

What are broccoli sprouts?

Broccoli sprouts are the immature seedlings of the broccoli plant. Similar to alfalfa sprouts, these seedlings are a mine of minerals and vitamins compared to the mature broccoli florets.

Let us look into broccoli sprouts health benefits:

•    Broccoli sprouts can be effective fighters against degenerating diseases such as cancer. According to the research conducted by the scientists at John Hopkins, young broccoli sprouts contain a substance called sulforaphane, which are effective against fighting cancer and also prevents the formation of cancerous cells. This compound is present in high concentration in broccoli sprouts.

•    Nasal allergies, respiratory problems such as asthma ‘wheeze out’ with regular intake of broccoli sprouts. Sulforaphane the substance, which helps to fight cancer, is also anti-inflammatory and this property aids in reducing the inflammation in the airways, caused by allergic reaction or otherwise. This way, broccoli sprouts health benefits decongest problems related to asthma.

•    Another notable health benefit of broccoli sprouts is for people suffering from peptic ulcers. The stomach and the duodenum have a protective lining against the acidity of the gastric juices secreted by the stomach. When the lining becomes to thin, the acids begin to erode the walls of the stomach or the duodenum leading to an ulcer. If the ulcer occurs in the stomach, it is called a gastric ulcer, whereas the one, which occurs in the duodenum is called a peptic ulcer. The protective lining can tend to wear out because of an infection caused by the H.pylori bacteria. The cancer prevention center brought out a detailed report in 2009, to demonstrate that broccoli sprouts health benefits reach out to people infected with H.pylori bacteria, where daily intake of the sprouts for two months showed a much lesser manifestation of the disease, thereby, reducing the formation of ulcers.

Be it the florets or the sprouts, nature has blossomed with health benefits in broccoli sprouts, which are seeded in wholesome nutrition.

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Broccoli Sprouts Health Benefits