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Health Benefits Of Mangosteen

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The health benefits of mangosteen are too good to be true! A unique fruit of tropical origins, it has held the interest of the world since the middle ages when it had been shipped to the Western countries. While the fruit is quite delicious, it is the mangosteen health benefits that have kept the world enthralled. Let us now take a look at the  multiple health benefits of mangosteen.


  • Xanthones, one of the chief constituents of the fruit contributes to the mangosteen health benefits. Known for its anti inflammatory properties, the health benefits of mangosteen also help to keep allergies and convulsions away.

  • The high amount of antioxidants present in the fruit help in getting rid of the free radicals thereby minimizing the risk of strokes. Successful treatment of neurodegenerative diseases are believed to be just one of the many health benefits of mangosteen. Patients of Parkinson’s disease as well as Alzheimer’s have shown some improvement on being treated with the mangosteen.


The rind of the fruit cannot be kept away when it comes to the health benefits of mangosteen. Full of tannins, the hard exterior has astringent like properties and can help in repelling insects to a large extent.


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Health Benefits Of Mangosteen