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Health Benefits Of Castor Oil

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Using the pale, yellow colored liquid produced by pressing the castor seeds can help you to discover the many health benefits of castor oil.  The presence of unsaturated fatty acids is believed to be behind the numerous health benefits of castor oil which are manifold. Let us take a look at some of them now…


Arthritis - The castor oil health benefits include its anti inflammatory properties which can relieve the aching joints and painful knotted muscles associated with arthritis. Nerve inflammations can also be reduced by taking advantage of the health benefits of castor oil which is frequently used for massaging the body.


Constipation - The health benefits of castor oil also include its laxative like properties which help in clearing the bowels thus relieving constipation.


Skin Problems - Application of castor oil can help to minimize skin infections particularly those that occur due to ringworms. Blemishes caused by warts, sun burns and acne can also be cleared up due to a great extent making the health benefits of castor oil more effective than the conventional forms of treatment.


The unpleasant odor associated with the product notwithstanding, it continues to be the main ingredient of several cosmetic and medicinal products which exploit the castor oil health benefits.


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Health Benefits Of Castor Oil