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Rooibos Health Benefits

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The rooibos health benefits have been known by the people residing in South Africa from times immemorial. A beverage created from the fruit growing in bushy shrubs can indeed be the answer to a host of health related problems especially as it has practically no downside to it at all. The health benefits of rooibos can also be enjoyed by young infants and pregnant or lactating mothers as the fruit does not interfere with the normal functioning of the body.  However, it is imperative to keep in mind that the green tea greatly emphasizes the rooibos health benefits in comparison to the red variety which has a reduced number of antioxidants. Let us now try and substantiate why the health benefits of rooibos are extolled.


Digestion - The low amount of tannins in the fruit actually reveals one of the most significant rooibos health benefits of as it helps in iron absorption, thus aiding digestion in people who are sensitive to tannin rich beverages. The high amount of flavonoids helps to relieve colicky conditions due to its anti spasmodic effects. Babies in South Africa were often treated with the fruit extract considered to be one of the most important health benefits of rooibos as well. Stomach cramps can also be relieved by the beverage containing the fruit.

Cancer- Recent studies have broadened the prospect of rooibos health benefits considerably too. It can inhibit the formation of tumors by protecting the cells from genetic mutations making it a possible anti carcinogenic agent as well. Medical experts have also found evidences of rooibos health benefits in the activation of enzymes which have cancer inhibiting properties.


Respiration -  The broncho dilatory effects along with the anti inflammatory nature of the fruit can go a long way in minimizing respiratory  disorders which makes it another significant addition to the list of rooibos health benefits.


Skin - A host of skin problems including eczema and allergies can be relieved by taking advantage of the wide range of rooibos health benefits too, say the health professionals. A study conducted by the Japanese has also revealed that it can decrease the itching considerably as well.


Some scientists, however, claim that the absence of Vitamin C in the fruit can be a disadvantage when it comes to the rooibos health benefits. However, the presence of all other essential minerals required by the body including large amounts of fluorides and copper make the fruity beverage a strong favorite when it comes to our well being.


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Rooibos Health Benefits