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Glutamine Health Benefits

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Glutamine is an amino acid which a body usually makes but sometimes due to the extra need by the body, it is taken from an outside source.  There are several glutamine health benefits and this amino acid is effective in treating very many diseases too.

Here are some of the health benefits of glutamine

Physical strength- One of the known glutamine health benefit is that it helps the body during physical stress. Mostly taken as supplement by bodybuilders, it helps during intense workouts.

Stabilizes blood sugar level- Another health benefit of glutamine is that it helps in controlling blood sugar levels. In the body, it gets converted into glucose which provides instant energy to body and also helps the body in achieving controlled sugar levels.

Effective in arthritis, immune disorders and intestinal problems- Glutamine health benefits also comprise of treatment of arthritis, prevention of disorders related to immunity and giving protection to liver, intestinal walls and stomach lining.

Treatment of neurological disorders- Glutamine health benefits also includes the use of glutamine for curing many neurological disorders and mental illnesses. Glutamine has the capability to pass through blood brain barrier and to get converted into another amino acid necessary for brain function. This is the reason due to which glutamine helps in treating brain disorders. It is also effective in treatment of schizophrenia, depression and epilepsy.

Promotes normal cell growth- Glutamine health benefits also help in having a normal cell growth and division all over the body. This helps the immune system especially with the diseases like scleroderma, and rheumatoid arthritis.

Promotes good muscle health- Another health benefit of glutamine is that it makes the recovery of the injuries easier.

Glutamine is naturally found in many eatables like poultry and dairy products, vegetables such as spinach, cabbage and parsley. However most of glutamine content gets destroyed by cooking. A normal person gets sufficient glutamine from the good but a supplement is mostly required by bodybuilders, people suffering from immune disorders, cancer patients and those who have had major surgeries.

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Glutamine Health Benefits