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Shitake Mushrooms Health Benefits

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Shitake mushrooms are edible mushroom grown mostly in Asia. Shitake mushrooms health benefits are well known worldwide and it is useful to treat variety of medical conditions. To obtain the health benefits you can consume it in any form like the dried ones or fresh mushrooms in recipes. 

Shitake mushroom nutritional value: It is a rich source of selenium and iron and good source of dietary fiber, protein and Vitamin C. It also has Thiamine, Niacin, potassium, calcium, Vitamin D, Sodium, Manganese and much more.

Immune system:  One of the main shitake mushrooms health benefits is, it has the ability to strengthen the immune system. Lentinan is the substance present in shitake mushroom responsible for improving the immune function. This substance naturally supports the immune and fights against the diseases that attack the body.

Blood pressure: Controlling high blood pressure is also considered a health benefit. The over work to heart leads to heart attack and stoke. Consuming shitake mushroom is found to reduce high blood pressure.

Cholesterol: Many studies show it can control blood cholesterol level. Eritadenine present in it is the reason for this. People with high blood cholesterol level can eat this mushroom regularly.     

Cancer: Among various health benefits, cancer prevention is very important property. Lentinan that enhances the immune function also takes part in cancer prevention activity.

These are various Shitake mushroom health benefits now. This large mushroom has a unique flavor and when added make the dish tastier.

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Shitake Mushrooms Health Benefits