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Health Benefits Of Spices

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Although we are advised not to have spicy food, the fact that there are health benefits of spices cannot be denied. When we say there are health benefits of spices, do we mean that it is present in all the spices? Well, truly speaking, health benefits are there in most herbs and spices. People nowadays try to get health benefits from these natural ingredients rather than from medicines. I have come across people who strongly believe that if you have a bad throat, a cup of warm spiced tea can give you faster relief than medicine. Health benefits of herbs and spices have become global and they are very handy as well.


Given below are health benefits of few herbs and spices.


Turmeric- Turmeric is widely used. This popular spice has found its way to almost all types of kitchen. Turmeric acts as a very good antiseptic. It is also an antibacterial agent and works well on cuts and wounds. Health benefits of this spice include detoxifying the liver, helping in prevention of cancer and giving relief to the unbearable pain of arthritis. When taken with a glass of warm milk before going to bed, it helps to cure fever and cold.

Cloves - Health benefits of spices can not only be derived when the spice is eaten but also from the various products that are made out of it. A dentist recommends application of clove oil for toothache. That eases out the inflammation and gives you relief from the pain.

Ginger – Health benefits of herbs and spices are far reaching. When it comes to a spice like ginger, it has worked miraculously in preventing cancer, giving relief to inflammation and also giving relief during heart burn. Ginger is good for a sore throat also.

Cinnamon – Health benefits of spices like cinnamon are effective control of diabetes, reduction of cholesterol level in our body and also helping out to lose weight.


Apart from the above mentioned spices, there are many herbs which also have great health benefits. Parsley, a widely used herb, is very good for the blood vessels when taken in a juice form. It contains calcium and so is good for the bones. When we sprinkle oregano in our meal we do not spend time to think whether we are eating something healthy or not. But actually oregano is very high in vitamin and mineral content. It is also good for our respiratory system. Thus, we can say that the health benefits of herbs and spices are many and we should give importance to them as we give importance to other healthy food.


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Health Benefits Of Spices