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Health Benefits Of Alcohol

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Alcohol consumption in moderation allows you to enjoy health benefits of alcohol. How much is moderate consumption of alcohol might be the next query. The ideal amount that can be consumed in order to be able to enjoy health benefits of alcohol is around one drink for women and one or two drinks for men on a daily basis. Those on medication for health concerns, pregnant etc should refrain from drinking alcohol.


Alcohol health benefits have been studied since historical times. Health benefits of alcohol finds mention in the Old and New Testaments. Moderate consumption of alcohol is encouraged for the various alcohol health benefits. Scientific evidence supports moderate drinking for reduction in health risks.


It was the French who instigated interest in link between alcohol consumption and health. In spite of a rich diet and regular consumption of alcohol, the French suffer from lower rates of heart disease. This is known as the 'French paradox' and alcohol health benefits seem to be the answer.


Health Benefits of Alcohol When Consumed in Moderation



Although red wine is associated with health, all alcohol can give you the following health benefits:


  • People consuming alcohol in moderation live longer than those who drink too much or those who abstain from it.

  • Medical studies support the fact that moderate drinkers suffer reduced cardiovascular disease risks, especially coronary artery disease.

  • Those who drink alcohol are more likely to survive heart attacks than those who abstain from it. Teetotalers can begin consuming alcohol for some health benefits of alcohol.

  • Evidence supports the fact that regular exercise cannot substitute the health benefits of alcohol!

  • Alcohol can improve your lipid profile.

  • Alcohol prevents formation of clots.

  • Consumption of alcohol increases resistance to common cold.

  • Alcohol has been found to be beneficial against diseases such as hepatitis, kidney stones, pancreatic cancer, depression, macular degeneration, gastritis and Parkinson's disease.

  • Moderate drinking prevents occurrence of dementia.

  • Alcohol consumption in moderation reduces risk of type 2 diabetes.


Alcohol consumption is a slippey slope and moderation should be followed. It is easy to step over the line which can have drastic consequences to health and life. Hence, follow moderation to enjoy all the health benefits of alcohol.


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Health Benefits Of Alcohol