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How a 'Foodie' attacks the weight loss challenge.

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Food, glorious Food!  It is the fuel of our bodies and the memories of our taste buds! It can be our best friend, as well as our worst enemy. What a serious relationship we have with our food!


If you are a proud-to-proclaim-it foodie, like I am, you've realized that you have a relationship with your food. We don't just scarf items for mindless reasons (or maybe we do emotionally eat - that is different, yet see, still a relationship). For a self-proclaimed foodie, most of the time, food tends to take on a focus like nothing else. It is precisely this relationship that can aid a foodie in the challenges of weight loss!


Here are just a few foodie traits to show you how we can attack weight loss:


1. Most foodies play with their food. No, really we do. What I mean is, we try new recipes, we tweak here and there. We get our hands 'dirty' and touch, taste, smell, arrange and enjoy the process. It is this trait that we must use to serve us as we attack healthy eating and weight loss.  Tweak a traditional recipe in a healthy direction such as lower fat or sodium, alternatives to extra sugar such as stevia. Make what would be a large item into bite sized bits for portion control. Play more and adjust the ingredients, cooking methods and portion sizes (presentation) to accommodate the goal of health.


2. Most foodies love variety. Here we have our typical consumer beat. We like variety! The more color, texture, flavor, scents, spices and ethnic cuisine we try the better. This serves the foodie as a variable smorgasbord of opportunity to interject healthier, colorful vegetables and fruits, grains and spices. Remember the differing colors usually mean differing nutrients. The bright vibrant colors of winter squash, peppers, kale and more bring vital nutrition to your body as opposed to the pre-packaged boxed mix 'food'.


3. Most foodies don't want to diet. Okay, so that sounds like more of a stumbling block than an asset, but it really is a positive thing!  Food is not the enemy for most of us. The enemy is the fact that we likely do not MOVE enough. Okay, so if a diet consists of cheese cake and éclairs alone, maybe food is the enemy. However, since most foodies aren't stuck in a one or two food rut, it is easier to motivate us to exercise. Why? Let's ask a foodie if he/she would rather eat less (or worse be restricted to what he/she can eat) or would rather move more and still get to eat?  Isn't that later the more reasonable answer for us foodies? I pick moving more and getting to eat!


If we use even just these three traits that we may have to motivate and inspire us, we need not worry that as a foodie we cannot be healthy. In fact, as a foodie, it is our obligation to show others that food IS good for us!


EnJOY the journey!

Best Blessings!

Donna Miller


The Millers own and operate Millers Grain House which offers Chemical Free and Organic Grains, Grain Mills, Grain buckets, Bosch Mixers, the NutriMill, instructional tutorials, recipes and more.

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How A 'Foodie' Attacks The Weight Loss Challenge.