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Health Benefits Of Onion Seeds

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Have you ever seen onion seeds?  Are you aware of the health benefits of onion seeds? Do you know what onion seeds actually are?

Well let me answer these questions. Onion seeds are mostly used in cooking. These seeds are not from the onion family. These seed are also called Nigella seeds, black onion seeds, black cumin, black seeds and even kalunji.

Onion seeds are used in various recipes for making dips and sauces and can be used in place of oregano, or sesame seeds. There are many health benefits of onion seeds.

Some of the health benefits of onion seeds are-

  1. Prevents bad breath and cures toothaches- One of the health benefits of onion seeds are that chewing these seeds prevents bad breath. These seeds are also very effective in curing toothaches.

  2. Helpful in post-delivery- The onion seeds health benefits also include relieving from painful labor and cleansing the uterus. The decoction of these seeds helps achieving these health benefits.

  3. Helps in treating allergies- Helpful in curing various allergies, asthma and eczema are also included in the health benefits of onion seeds.

  4. Relief from headaches- The paste of these onion seeds when applied on the forehead provides relief from the pain.

  5. Cures piles- The black onion seeds help in treating  piles.

  6. Lowers the cholesterol levels- One of the important health benefits of onion seeds is that it prevents atherosclerosis and is helpful in lowering bad cholesterol.

  7. For treating respiratory diseases- The onion seeds are also used for the treatment of respiratory diseases and for controlling blood pressure.

Apart from these numerous health benefits of onion seeds, these seeds also damage the growth of cancer cells, help in treating diarrhea, prove effective in cough and bronchitis and provide relief from mensuration pains and disorders.

The tiny little herb is also a rich source of nutrition along with its manifold benefits. If you do not have onion seeds in your kitchen, better buy them now.

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Health Benefits Of Onion Seeds