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Blueberry Juice Health Benefits

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A new research on blueberry juice health benefits says that blueberries are rich source of antioxidants that help improve memory. The reports published in the ACS Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry says antioxidants along with other phytochemicals have a great affect on memory. They can actually improve memory in older adults.

The study showed juice of blueberry had an impact on memory and learning. This may delay the process of neurodegeneration in people. With this study, scientists are planning trials to confirm the age old fact that that blueberry is indeed a memory enhancer.

Other health benefits of blueberry include proper bone development, healthy gums and good digestion.

Blueberries have high vitamin C content. And vitamin C is required by the body for formation of collagen for healthy gums. One serving of blueberry juice contains almost 14 mg of Vitamin C. Absorption of iron from food is also one of blueberry juice health benefits.  

Health benefits of juice of blueberries include development of strong bones. The manganese content in the juice helps in development of bones and improves body metabolism rate.

Blueberry juice health benefits are visible on the digestive system as well. Blueberry juice is good source of fiber which is important to regulate the bowel movements. Blueberry juice health benefits are many, and new research is proving these benefits.

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Blueberry Juice Health Benefits