Health Benefits Of Lemon Rind

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While the goodness of citrus fruits and their juices are known worldwide, it is the health benefits of lemon rind that often go unnoticed. Softer fruits are usually eaten with their skins on; however, it is not possible to bite into the tough exterior of a lime or lemon in order to maximize the health benefits of lemon that can be obtained. You definitely do not have to throw away the peel or the rind though, grating it or creating a zest can help you to enjoy the health benefits of lemon to the fullest.



  • The vitamins as well as the minerals that form the mainstay of the health benefits of lemon are greatly enhanced in the peel. A complex compound in the form of salvestrol Q40 can help in destroying the carcinoma inducing enzymes thereby making the skin of the fruit invaluable when it comes to the health benefits of lemon rind. Limonene is yet another compound with anti-carcinogenic properties found within the citrus rind as well.


  • Studies conducted on the health benefits of lemon rind gave direct evidence to the usefulness of the peel especially in combating skin cancer with preventive effects on colon and breast cancer as well.


  • The health benefits of lemon rind are also present in the pectin, which is a compound responsible for setting of jellies. The polyphenol flavonoids present in them go a long way in preventing atherosclerosis by lowering the LDL cholesterol levels. It’s protective properties on the heart makes it essential to be included in our daily diet as well.


  • The lemon peel is an important source of essential oils which acts as a rejuvenator and mood enhancer too. Aromatherapy exploits the health benefits of lemon rind to the fullest and cannot do without the ‘sunshine oil’ prepared with crushed lemon rinds.


  • Detoxifying  the body with the aid of lemon peels help in cleansing it properly. The astringent, antiseptic, as well as the antibiotic properties of the fruit peel, on the other hand,  are also considered to be good for our skin, making it yet another point in favor of the health benefits of lemon rind.


Promoting skin cell growth and keeping the hair healthy are other health benefits of lemon rind making it virtually a single fruit with all rounded properties.


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