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Distilled Vinegar Health Benefits

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Distilled vinegar health benefits are many. It is widely used to treat many ailments naturally. Distilled vinegar has the lowest acidic content among the vinegars. It is the most diluted form of vinegar. Also know as white vinegar, it is commonly used to clean many household articles and also in food preparation.


White vinegar is very good for sore throats. Mix one tablespoon of white vinegar with eight ounces of water. Gargle the solution almost every hour. It provides good relief. For an effective result, swallow the gargled solution. Also, white vinegar can be added to a steam vaporizer with water to ease chest congestion.

Distilled vinegar health benefits include treating for insect bites and rashes. It can be used on minor cuts and abrasions.

Distilled vinegar can help in treating minor sunburns.

For those suffering with dandruff, distilled vinegar is the solution. Rinse hair with a solution of two cups of water and half a cup of white vinegar. This has to be done after shampooing the hair.

Also, treating an athlete’s foot is one of distilled vinegar health benefits. Soak the entire foot in a solution of distilled vinegar for about three days.

Distilled vinegar can also used to control hiccups.

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Distilled Vinegar Health Benefits