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Mushrooms Health Benefits

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Mushrooms Health benefits are underrated and unknown to many. Mushrooms are super foods and they should be a part of your daily diet.

Eating mushrooms increase immunity and they help to fight diseases, decrease risk of cancer, help to reduce cholesterol and are excellent foods for diabetics. They are food for weight loss too.

Mushrooms are not only eaten as foods but are also used as medicines since the time of the Egyptians. They have been a source of strength and health and in many cultures considered a delicacy.

To understand the health benefits of mushrooms, one must know the nutritive value of mushrooms. Mushrooms are packed with vitamins and minerals, amino acids, anti biotic and anti oxidants. Mushrooms are a staple in many cultures like Chinese, Italian and French. Mushrooms are an excellent substitute for meat due to their earthy flavor and meaty texture.

Mushrooms Health Benefits are as follows;

Help to Lower Cholesterol Levels – Mushrooms provide lean proteins and have zero cholesterol, fats and are very low in carbohydrates. They are high in fiber and contain enzymes which lower cholesterol level. The high lean protein content in mushrooms helps to burn cholesterol when they are digested.

Food for Weight loss - Mushrooms contain 80-90 % water and are extremely low in calories. They do not have any fat and are low in carbohydrates and sodium too. They are thus excellent for weight loss and for those on low fat, low sodium diets. This source of lean protein is ideal for losing fat and building muscle mass.

Help to Fight Cancer – Recent studies have proved that one of mushrooms health benefits is that it contains selenium which is an antioxidant that along with vitamin E protects cells from free radicals. Mushrooms help in preventing cancer of breast and prostrate cancer due to presence of Beta-Glucans and conjugated Linoleic Acid having anti carcinogenic effects.

Immunity: Ergothioneine, a powerful antioxidant in mushrooms helps to protect against free radicals and thus boosts immunity. Mushrooms also contain natural antibiotics, similar to penicillin, which itself is extracted from mushrooms which inhibit microbial infections. This is one of the most important health benefits of mushrooms. They contain a good combination of vitamins A, B-Complex and C, which strengthens immune system. Shiitake mushrooms comprise of Lentinan, which is believed to be helpful in fighting AIDS.

Controls blood pressure and hypertension and protects heart – Mushrooms have a high content of potassium and copper. Potassium helps to lower blood pressure and copper has cardio-protective properties.Oyster mushrooms are said to help in strengthening of veins and relaxation of the muscles.

Good for Diabetics: Another of the Health benefits of Mushrooms is that it is an ideal food for diabetics. Mushrooms contain natural insulin and enzymes which help break down of sugar in food. Mushroom contain certain compounds which help in functioning of liver and pancreas and thus in the formation of insulin.

Other Health Benefits of Mushrooms: are the only vegetable source to contain vitamin-D. They are rich in calcium (good for bones) and iron (benefits in anemia), and selenium (very good for health of bones, teeth, nails, hair and as an anti oxidant). The best source of selenium is animal proteins. So, mushrooms can be the best choice for vegetarians to obtain selenium.

 There are thousands of varieties of these fungi, growing in various parts of the world. While most of them are edible, 10% of mushroom varieties are known to be poisonous too. So while health benefits  of mushrooms are many, they can also be dangerous. 

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Mushrooms Health Benefits