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White Vinegar Health Benefits

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White vinegar is a versatile product and among its varied uses, health benefits also feature. White vinegar health benefits are many and some of the more popular ones are:


  • White vinegar health benefits include treatment for sore throat. A tablespoon of white vinegar dissolved in a cup of warm water is an ideal remedy for sore throat. The same mixture can be added to vaporizer for relief from chest congestions.

  • Those affected by swimmer's ear can find relief with dripping alcohol and white vinegar in equal quantities into the ear.

  • White vinegar is an antiseptic and can be used on minor cuts, insect bites, rashes, stings and abrasions. Relieving sunburns is another one of white vinegar health benefits.

  • Health benefits of vinegar also include treatment of toe nail fungus, warts and even athlete's foot. Dipping feet in white vinegar for three or more days can provide relief for athlete's foot.

  • Vinegar is effective against dandruff and can provide almost instant relief from itchy scalp by rinsing hair with vinegar mixed in water in the ratio of 1:2.

  • 10 ml of vinegar added to your bath can make your skin supple and soft.

  • White vinegar health benefits include dental health too. Rubbing vinegar on decaying and aching tooth can relieve pain. Moreover, vinegar acts as a natural bleaching agent by whitening teeth on brushing with it once in a week. Vinegar is also effective against bad breath.


There are many more health benefits of vinegar. Vinegar is part of all households and hence easily available to be used when required.



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White Vinegar Health Benefits