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Health Benefits Of Lemons


health benefits of lemon

Health benefits of lemons are many. Those tiny little globules of yellow goodness, quintessential for every kitchen irrespective of cuisines from anywhere around the world, have health benefits in abundance. Be it lemonade, marmalades, marinades or infused in soft drinks, lemons never forget to leave a mark in dishes with their tangy notes.



Native to Asia, these oval yellow fruits are now available all over the world and are quite inexpensive. Since they are very commonly available, their health benefits are often overlooked. Every single part of a lemon is put to use in kitchens – juice, rind and pulp. Lemon’s citric acid content gives it a sour taste. This universally loved fruit is also acknowledged as having medicinal properties in many forms of medicine. 

Since the juice of lemon has antibacterial properties, it has many health benefits. It is also proven to prevent diseases like cholera, malaria, diphtheria and typhoid from spreading.


Lemon’s acidic nature helps you when you are suffering from indigestion. Having two droplets of lemon juice in your black tea when you have indigestion clears your stomach.


Lemon is also proven to be effective against worms in intestine.


Lemon is a good source of vitamin A, C, niacin and thiamine. Rub lemon rind on your rough skin, it supplies enough oil and makes it supple. Also, use lemon rind to brush your teeth once every week to get rid of the yellowness in your teeth.


If you think  you are constipated, a simple home remedy with lemon juice will help you. Take lemon juice in lukewarm water with a dash of honey first thing in the morning. By the end of the day, your constipation would be on its way out.


Lemon’s vitamin C content is good for your heart. It’s also proven that lemon has more amounts of potassium than either apple or grapes.


Lemon’s diuretic property is effective in treating gout, rheumatism and providing relief in kidney and bladder diseases.


If you have travel sickness, carry a lemon with you during your travels. Smelling the fruit prevents you from vomiting. There is also recorded proof that Edmund Hillary, who has the honor of scaling the world’s largest peak Mt. Everest, used lemon during his mountaineering expeditions in high altitudes to prevent difficulties in breathing.


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Health Benefits Of Lemons