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Health Benefits Of Wine

health benefits of wine

One way or the other, we all know at least a little about the health benefits of wine. ‘Wine health benefits’ is one of the topmost topics of discussion among wine lovers. Numerous studies have been conducted and researches undertaken across the world to substantiate the health benefits of wine. If you are a wine lover you will only need half a reason to consume wine anyway. But what about skeptics who are unsure about what benefits this gourmet drink has in store?


At the outset, any drink in moderation will not harm your body. Now the question is whether wine in moderation will provide any health benefits? In a broad perspective, moderate wine consumption seems to have a positive effect on cardiovascular disease and cancer among men. There are a few ingredients in wine, like flavanoids and resveratrol that prevent free radicals in your system that will help you stay young. In general, wine is also reported to raise the good cholesterol (HDL) level in your blood thereby thinning your blood. This helps you to keep you away from any cardiovascular diseases. Wine is also reportedly responsible for reduction of overall mortality.


A research conducted at Harvard by researcher Gary Curhan and few of his colleagues found that wine consumption could even reduce the risk of kidney stones in women as compared with other beverages. This is what the researchers had to say: “Intakes of caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee, tea and wine were associated with decreased risk.”


Many researchers involved in researching the benefits of wine consumption also found that wine could lower risk of cancer in the upper digestive tract and lung. It is also proved that wine lowers diabetes risk in men and may cut the risk of dementia.  


All that is fine. But how much of wine should you consume every day? How many glasses of wine per day make for moderate consumption? Here’s your checklist.


Experts suggest that men should not have more than two drinks (5-ounce glass) and for women the limit is just one drink. If you thought getting tipsy on wine could improve your livelihood and provide you with excellent health benefits, think again. Only one or two glasses! That is what we call moderation.


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Health Benefits Of Wine