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Health Benefits of Red Wine Vinegar

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Red Wine Is BeneficialEven research has approved red wine vinegar  health benefits. Often the health benefits of this vinegar are listed under ‘old wives tale’. The process followed to make vinegar from red wine depends on the ingredients used and the ageing of the vinegar.



Red wine vinegar health benefits

Health benefits of vinegar include lowering of blood cholesterol, blood sugar levels and fat. According to various studies, a correlation has been obtained between vinegar and type 2 diabetes. Health benefits of red wine vinegar helps in lowering the glucose levels.

The Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry on red wine vinegar health benefits said it can reduce body fat. Acetic acid helps in burning of fatty acids in the body.

Red wine vinegar improves the absorption of calcium from food.

You can keep your blood pressure under check by making use of the red vinegar health benefits. This is because red wine vinegar has high levels of potassium, a mineral known for controlling cholesterol levels.

Red wine vinegar can cure infections in the nails, including brittle nails and toe nail fungus.


To have good knowledge on how to derive the maximum red wine vinegar health benefits is to replace it with other vinegars used in the kitchen.


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Health Benefits Of Red Wine Vinegar