Red Rooibos Tea Health Benefits

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The red rooibos tea health benefits are numerous without having any obvious side effects. The health benefits of tea brewed from the bushy plant of Aspalathus linearis, however, cannot strictly be termed as a tea according to the ‘South African Rooibos Council’. The liquid that is choc-a-bloc with the health benefits of tea is dark red in color and may be labeled as a herb. Medical professionals also extol the red rooibos tea health benefits as they are highly nutritious and can be consumed by people with kidney stones on account of no oxalic acid being present in the extract. Check out the red rooibos tea health benefits given below in order to understand the efficacy of this medicinal herb.


  • The polyphenols present in the herb are effective in bringing down inflammations and curing viral infections.


  • The red rooibos tea health benefits is surprisingly caffeine free and will help you to sleep better especially if you suffer from insomnia.


  • It has anti allergic properties and can also be effective in minimizing the stress and nervous disorders by controlling the blood pressure levels.


  • A rich source of calcium and manganese, the red rooibos is particularly good for building up the strength in your bones.


  • The antioxidants present in the herb can slow down the aging process apart from boosting up the immune system making the red rooibos tea health benefits simply unsurpassable.


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