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Beat Winter With Beet Recipes - Nature's Natural Candy

The freezing chill can make even the rosiest look dark and lifeless unless you give it the creative perspective. The same is with beets so how about enjoying this winter with some fun beet recipes? Slice it, spruce it and simply snap it into your mouth here are a few beet recipe ideas, which you would love to savor next to the crackling hearth.

•    Beets with garlic sauce:   The garlic sauce is a make of boiled red or yellow potatoes with peeled garlic cloves in a base of extra virgin olive oil and freshly ground black pepper to pep it up. As for the beets, they are cooked and cut into wedges and tossed in balsamic vinegar and refrigerated till serving. The beets can then be sided with garlic sauce for serving.

•    Carrot and beat salad with toasted pepitas (pumpkin seeds): A scrumptious beet recipe that even winter will melt into springs – with a combo of the purple and pink and Viola!  Here, the pepitas are toasted in an oven till crisp and carrots and beets are shredded in a food processor after which the pepitas, shredded beets and carrots are tossed in olive oil with salt and vinegar added to taste.

•    Beet ice-cream on Citrus beet soil :  Ice-cream on a cold winter night sends the chill- thrills and this beet recipe idea will actually make you sizzle with its “earthy” sight and beets-y flavor. For the citrus beet soil, the beet pulp, grapefruit zest, orange zest make themselves “flavorable” and the beet ice-cream goes into making with peeled red beets, cream, milk, sugar and egg yolks. So you have a beet ice-cream to beat out the boredom of a still winter evening.

•    Salad of beet, yoghurt, garlic and dill :  This is the beet version of the tzatziki claiming itself to be one of the best beet recipes for winter.  With peeled and diced cooked beets, chopped flat-leafed parsley, minced garlic cloves, green chilies and lemon juice mixed in a bowl and stirred well; the seasoning is adjusted with more salt, lemon and black pepper and refrigerated for 3-4 days. The beet tzatziki can then be used as a spread for toast or dip.

•    Winter greens with Andouille vinaigrette: With diced andouille sausage, minced shallots. Dijon mustard, winter greens such as beet greens, kale or chard, and cider vinegar, brown sugar, lighter green chicory or fries; the salad is a topping beet recipe and can be topped with fried onions at the time of serving.

•    Spinach and beet greens omelet with herbs: Omelet is definitely a winter specialty oozing with warmth with the yolk of good health and, add beet greens to it, you get a delightful beet recipe idea. With 10 large eggs, and baby spinach, Swiss chard or beet greens and chopped fresh mint, sage, marjoram, parsley, dill pulsed in a food processor  and folded into the eggs, you have it fried in  a base of olive oil and then put in the oven for cooking. The omelet can be garnished with the remaining herb leaves at the time of serving.

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The above beet recipes are sure to bite the frost away in its entire purplish splendor and, winter need no longer be the phase of dormancy.

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Beat Winter With Beet Recipes - Nature's Natural Candy