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Gynostemma Tea Health Benefits

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Gynostemma tea is also known as Magical GrassGynostemma tea health benefits are countless. Also known as the “Magical Grass”, Gynostemma belongs to the cucumber and melon family of plants but has one major difference; it does not bear an edible fruit. It is popularly used in Southern China for its medicinal properties. A Japanese researcher discovered the herb in 1976, until then this plant was relatively unknown. After it was discovered a lot of scientific research was done to find out about its multifarious health benefits.


Health benefits of Gynostemma tea are ample. It is known to slow down ageing, decrease tiredness, increase strength and endurance by improving the heart pumping function. In addition, it is very effective in improving digestion, strengthening the mind. It also calm the nerves, helps reduce oxygen deficiency at high altitudes, assists in the regulation of serum cholesterol and maintains healthy blood pressure levels. The health benefits of this tea is also evident in its ability of promoting immunity. Strong immune system protects the body against a host of destructive agents and according to clinical studies Gynostemma tea works as a potent immune modulator. Last but not the least lymphocyte and phagocyte production is also increased by regulary consuming this tea.


The health benefits of Gynostemma tea are truly endless, it can just be referred as a “cure-all”. It can safely be consumed by people of all ages and purchased easily online.


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Gynostemma Tea Health Benefits