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Half Of Kids' Calorie Intake Made Up Of Junk Food

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Half of the total kids' calorie intake comes from junk foodsKids’ calorie intake has always been a debatable topic especially in the era where kids go crazy for junk foods. But this time a study report has shocked the world by revealing that half of kids’ calorie intake is made up of junk food. The research work was carried out by the researchers at the National Cancer Institute in Maryland. The earlier assumption that junk food is kids’ calorie intake has been proved true with various figures reported in the study.  


The study has highlighted that the diet of kids especially aged between 2 to 18 is very unhealthy. 40 percent of calorie intake by them is through unhealthiest means. Soda, sugary fruit drinks, pizza, grain desserts such as cookies, cakes and donuts and the dairy deserts like ice cream along with whole milk, which is far fattier than skim are the sources of more than half of kids’ calorie intake.


The reason behind this unhealthy way of kids’ calorie intake is complex but these empty calories have become a very prevalent eating habit among kids. There are many factors responsible for it, including parental and peer influences, lack of physical activity and eye-catching marketing by the manufacturers. It has also been observed that junk food is kids’ calorie intake because of their love for such unhealthy food items. They tend to spend less on quality foods and more on clothing and electronics. Junk foods are not only cheap but also tasty and filling, thus meeting the requirements of today’s’ kids.


According to the report, it has been found that parents are equally responsible for unhealthy way of kids’ calorie intake because it’s the parent who selects the food. So if junk food is kids' calorie intake, then poor parenting and the wrong choices made by them are one of the main factors behind it.


Health experts have also highlighted that lack of nutrition education is also behind this abysmal trend of kids’ calorie intake. So it’s very important that the education system should also comprise of nutrition education so that a kid gets aware of the nutritional requirements of the body.


We are already facing an epidemic known as obesity among children. So it’s very important to keep a check on kids’ calorie intake and make sure that they receive most of their calories from healthy foods and don’t get attracted towards empty calories.


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Half Of Kids' Calorie Intake Made Up Of Junk Food