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Natural Remedies For Lung Cancer

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There are several natural remedies for lung cancer, which can give relief from the discomfort or can strengthen the immunity system or can directly act on to control the cancerous growth. However, these natural cures for cancer should be prescribed by an experienced natural healer based on the symptoms and stage of the lung cancer. Some of these preventive natural cures for cancer are described here.

Fish oil – Researchers have found out satisfactory results to cure lung cancer through the omega-3 fatty acid. Any type of fish oil contains some amount of omega-3 fatty acids; particularly the salmon fish is rich in this constituent. However, for better result, one should depend on the supplements.


Holy Basil – Holy Basil is considered among the effective natural remedies for lung cancer at the preliminary stage. The leaves of Holy Basil help to clear cough and congestion of lungs and respiratory system. The Holy Basil leaves are also useful to boost up the immunity system of the body. One should mix the extract of fresh Holy Basil leaves with honey and consume in a regular basis to combat with lung cancer.


Deguelin – This is the extract from the natural plants, which are available in Africa and South America.  This natural extract is said to have power to control the cancerous growth of the lungs. According to the study, this extract is rich in flavonoids, which works on the tumor cells to stop the excessive growth.


Black Raspberry – Black raspberries are also known to be the natural remedies for lung cancer. The nutrients of this fruit help to build up the immunity and also curb the abnormal growth for cancerous cells.


Aloe Vera – As per the recommendation of National Cancer Institute, Aloe vera should be treated as the natural remedy for lung cancer. The cancer fighting property of Aloe vera is responsible for this. This natural remedy should be consumed orally in proper dose, to enjoy the good result.


Broccoli – The substance, Sulforaphane present in broccoli has been found to control the gradual increase in cancerous growth. Particularly, for cancers like lung or stomach or breast or colon, it has been very effective.


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Natural Remedies For Lung Cancer