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Natural Remedies For Allergies In Adults

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Allergies are seasonal and occur during spring and fall when the pollen is heavy in the air. You end up with sniffles, cough, sneezing leaving one exhausted and unwell. Those with more chest congestions might have asthma. Almost 22 million Americans suffer from this. Mold, mildew, dust, mites, pet dander, chemicals, food allergy are the common kinds of allergens.

Some natural remedies for allergies in adults can be followed to obtain relief. Some folks prefer doing home remedies instead of buying over the counter drugs.

Avoid allergens if possible: Stay indoors during the pollen seasons. Close windows and doors. Stay away from yard work. Use mask to cover nostrils if you are outside gardening. Prevention is better than cure so limiting your time outside during the peak pollen season might be helpful.

Stay Away From Pets: Pets that go outside are known to collect dander and other pollen on their fur. They could bring it inside and pass it on to you when you pet them. Avoid this if you are very susceptible to allergens.

Clean Air Filters: Make sure your air filters are all cleaned up often and keep the house clean. It would be better to have someone else do the cleaning if you are susceptible to dust and mite allergens.

Herbal Therapy: Two common therapies are butterbar from Europe which is an antihistamine and Goldenseed which has anti-bacterial properties. Some of these time tested home remedies might actually work for you.

Saline Nasal Wash: Another natural remedy for allergies is the saline nasal wash. Use a bulb syringe to irrigate nostrils thoroughly every time you go outside or do yard work. This will wash away the allergens sticking to the mucosal lining and reduce the chances of an allergic reaction.

Teatree Oil and Citronella Oil: Can keep down dust and mites. Used by several people for indoor cleaning.

Homeopathic Treatments: Homeopathy could be another natural remedy that could be tried out. Just make sure you consult a certified homeopathy doctor before using them.

There are several such natural home remedies that you might want to try out which might work very well in alleviating the allergic reactions and decreasing its effects too.

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Natural Remedies For Allergies In Adults