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Natural Remedies For Glaucoma

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Ginkgo biloba is one of the effective natural remedies for glaucomaIn medical science, the only option to treat glaucoma is surgery. But natural remedies for glaucoma have been found to be very effective in treating glaucoma especially in the early stages. So let’s discuss some of the effective glaucoma natural remedies that can save you from the trauma of surgery.


Regulated diet of the patient forms one the most effective natural remedies for glaucoma. The patient’s diet should be rich in raw foods, fresh vegetables and fruits especially rich in Vitamin C. The patient should completely avoid excess intake of fluids even in the form of water, juice or milk and also abstain from tea, coffee, tobacco and beer.


Jaborandi is considered as one the most potent glaucoma natural remedies and has been in use for 120 years in curing the glaucoma.

Spinach should be eaten regularly as they are a rich source of carotenoid which is required for healthy retina and eye tissue.

Ginkgo biloba when mixed with zinc sulphate is considered as one of the most important natural remedies for glaucoma that not only clears the toxin of the eye but also retards the process of vision loss.

Coleus is widely used in treating glaucoma as it enhances the blood flow to the eyes.

In this way through several natural remedies for glaucoma, the disease can be cured very effectively.


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Natural Remedies For Glaucoma