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Top 5 Organic Herbs

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What can I tell you about Organic herbs?

 Medicinal herbs, aromatic herbs, calming and soothing herbs; we are a part of nature, and all the natural things should be our best friends. Chemicals have left no part of the human lifestyle untouched, processed foods, to “ionized” water. From Artificial essences to synthetic oils that have become a rage. Organic herbs are all about going back to your roots, literally.

Since, time immemorial, there have been potions, pastes and oils that have been pure and natural. People believed in what was the untouched benefit of the medicinal herbs. The good news is that everyone seems to be going back to it now. Here is a list of some of my favorite organic herbs which are making a comeback into our small kitchen gardens and many of them are medicinal herbs too!

  1. Basil- This herb is also called Holy basil and revered in India. Apart from the religious belief that Basil purifies the air that touches it, it is a herb with many medicinal properties. It is great to treat common cold, cough and even eye problems like night blindness.
  2. Acai- This is the newest found wonder berry on the block. Acai is said to contain potent antioxidants of its own. These help to rid the body of free radicals. The berries that are purple and red in color are said to be the richest in their reserves of antioxidants. Acai berries are very helpful for a healthy heart, as an anti-bacterial and an effective agent to control cholesterol.
  3. Garlic- It is not just the vampires that run away when this organic herb is mentioned. Even unbound uncontrolled cancerous cells disappear or at least get a nice bash up from the properties of Garlic. It can be used it in tomato-based dishes, dressings and spice blends. Sprinkle it on buttered bread before broiling to get a nice flavor to any dinner dish. Garlic is also a miraculous medicinal herb for Digestive problems, skin allergies and even Diabetes. For more benefits of Garlic see here.
  4. Ginger- This is one organic herb that has helped yell and shout in parties without the fear that my throat will choke up. A truly medicinal herb, Ginger with honey makes for the perfect throat soother. There are so many other uses to Ginger like, preventing strokes and hardening of the arteries. Apart from this when it comes to Nausea, morning sickness and motion sickness, ginger is a very effective cure.
  5. Elderberry- This is a berry native to Europe and has immense potential to help you become immune. This organic herb makes sure that you remain fit, fine and healthy, no matter what season, which place. It is a medicinal herb in the sense that it helps to boost ones immunity. It is an interesting fact about Elderberry that it owrks faster than any medicine known. If a flu shot takes 6 days, the pulp of this berry will cure you in 2!

Since, our health is in our hands, and you seem to be interested in improving it by organic herbs and medicinal herbs, why don’t you check out these links too!

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Have a fun time and be a herbie!

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Top 5 Organic Herbs