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Natural Remedies For Dizziness

Natural remedies for dizziness are more than a few. In fact, everyone on this planet will probably have a cure or two for this. Dizziness or vertigo can be defined as a sense of revolution, or motion of either yourself or your surroundings. This is the exact same feeling that we had when our mothers asked us not to spend too much of time on that merry-go-round. It is also similar to the feeling of looking down at the Empire State Building. Yes, dizziness means that we will have an urge to vomit and at times stand on shaky legs. Now, there are several causes of dizziness. They could be pregnancy(no, not if you a guy), flu, general weakness, stress at work, motion sickness, food poisoning, chemotherapy, addiction to alcohol, the sight of cow dung, the sight of Marilyn Manson and yada, yada, yada. To put it one way, dizziness is almost a personal affair. This post is about the natural remedies for dizziness; in fact the best natural remedies.



Natural remedies for dizziness, like I said earlier are many. I'm going to write about most sensible natural remedies for dizziness. Here goes...

  1. Lemons and lemon juice. This is my personal experience. Every time I have motion sickness or just about anything, I sniff up a lemon(quite literally) or drink lemon juice.

  2. A blend of apple cider vinegar, honey and ginger.

  3. Gooseberry powder dissolved in water along with cumin seeds. Use hot water preferably.

  4. Black pepper mixed with yogurt, orange and lemon rinds.

  5. Green tea with lemon or even chamomile tea with lemon.


And yes, you can add a little sugar to the above natural remedies for dizziness. The thing about dizziness is that it can affect any of us. The best preventive measures would be to eat right and exercise often. And also, drink plenty of water to keep to prevent dehydration. And, if at all you should be dizzy, you can try the best natural remedies that I have suggested above. But, if your problem persists, then you better consult a doctor.




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Natural Remedies For Dizziness