Natural Remedy For Bacterial Vaginosis

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Natural remedy for bacterial vaginosis is a topic that has been much debated on. The actual cause of a sudden proliferation of bacteria in the vagina still remains a mystery with many of the affected women keen on trying out a bacterial vaginosis natural remedy instead of going to a doctor. The itchy and irritating condition is characterized by a fishy and foul odor leading to embarrassment and despair. It is important, therefore, to first find out whether your diagnosis is right before you resort to trying out a natural remedy for bacterial vaginosis.


The condition is certainly not sexually transmitted ,although it can manifest itself after a bout of sexual activity. The pain in the area or the light bleeding or discharge from the vagina is not particularly serious and tends to clear up once you start on an effective bacterial vaginosis natural remedy. It is important to know the proper way of using the natural remedy for bacterial vaginosis once you have decided upon it though. Let us see how to extract the best out of these simple ingredients which also serve as a natural remedy for bacterial vaginosis.


Yoghurt - Eating the plain unsweetened and unflavored variety of yoghurt may help you to combat the problem somewhat. Application of yoghurt into the vagina by means of a tampon is also regarded to be a good natural remedy for bacterial vaginosis.


Diet - Another effective natural remedy for bacterial vaginosis is the incorporation of fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily diet. Meat and poultry along with whole grains also help to keep down the number of bacteria in the vaginal tract. It is also important to avoid alcohol and processed food along with sugar if you want to get rid of this irritable and embarrassing situation.


Hydration - Drinking plenty of water along with fruit juices is also thought to be an ideal bacterial vaginosis natural remedy. Citrus juices particularly freshly squeezed orange or lime juice can actually inhibit the proliferation of the bacteria making it a perfect natural remedy for bacterial vaginosis. Another useful natural remedy for bacterial vaginosis is cranberry juice which can successfully prevent the occurrence of kidney and pelvic infections making it invaluable in combating vaginal infections as well.


An awareness of the condition along with good hygienic habits will help you to keep vaginal infection at bay making the old adage of prevention being better than cure come true.


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